4 Things You Can Expect When Trying Anal For the First Time


couple_Tattooed-Couple-Flirting-In-Bed_-521088282_8660x5773_colorcorrect_previewSo you’re looking to try anal sex for the first time? Most people expect it to be hurt. Some expect it will be messy. But those are just some experiences. You might be surprised at what it’s actually like. Read on to learn more — and get some tips for making your first time better!

1. It Might Hurt

Yes, anal sex might hurt. After all, your anus is a tight hole. If you’re doing the penetration, the tightness of your partner’s anus might be uncomfortable for you.

However, anal sex doesn’t have to hurt. If you take things slow, make sure you’re relaxed, use lube, and communicate, pain should be minimal. One piece of advice for the person on the receiving end is to push out, which actually makes insertion easier=.

But being tense will make penetration more difficult, which may only increase pain. And if you’re not prepared for anal sex, it’s probably not going to be a good time.


2. It Might Feel Good

Some people like anal sex the first time they have it. It can feel awesome for someone to penetrate such an intimate and tight spot. Anal sensitivity can be awesome. Plus, you might feel G-spot stimulation if you’re a woman or prostate sensations if you’re a man. Some people are surprised to realize how much they like anal sex, but it’s not true for everyone.

3. Men — You Might Not Like It


There’s a stereotype that every man likes anal sex (and no woman does), but it’s not true! Some men don’t like to penetrate their partner’s anally. You might be surprised to find this out the first time you have anal sex.

4. It May Be Messy


We are talking about the anus here. This is how the body evacuates waste. There’s always a chance for poo. Most of the time, it will be minimal, and using a condom makes cleanup easy.

You can use a douche with warm water over the toilet to clean up. But most people find that a shower after a trip to the bathroom does the trick. We don’t advise having anal sex if you’re having tummy troubles. Only you know your body, and it’s better to wait to ensure your first time goes as well as it can.

Some people love anal while others hate it. Some feel neutral to the whole thing. You won’t know how you feel about anal sex until you try it!


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Are you trying anal sex for the first time tonight? Check out these top-rated positions!

Are you trying anal sex for the first time tonight? Check out these top-rated positions!
Trying Anal tonight? Here are the top rated positions!

So, you’re trying anal tonight and you aren’t exactly sure what to do. You know what goes where, but what are the differences in positions and which ones are the best to try? Well here are the top rated positions (with explanations!) for anal!

1. Cowgirl

Women know that the best part about cowgirl is that you have more control of how the sex is going down. Well, the same applies for anal! Straddle your partner the way you would during vaginal intercourse and go for it. This position is less difficult to try, and great for someone who is new to anal sex.

2. Spooning

Spooning is not just for cuddling anymore. This position is not too difficult and is perfect for a slower, more intimate experience with anal. As opposed to the cowgirl position, spooning anal sex allows for rear-entry which, depending on your preferences, can be easier and more enjoyable.

3. Sidewinder

This position is slightly more complicated to get situated into than the previous two. First, you first lay down on your back with both of your legs out. Your partner will straddle one of your legs, while lifting your other leg over their shoulder. You will end up partially laying on your side, with your hips perpendicular to your partner’s hips. Once you’re comfortable, let your partner take a hold of you and do their thing!

4. Doggystyle

Most people automatically think of doggystyle when they think of anal sex, and its often the position that someone tries for the first time for anal. However, for your first time, it’s important that you’re communicative with your partner because unlike a position like cowgirl, doggystyle gives the majority of the control to them. This is another rear-entry position and that allows them to set the pace. Make sure you don’t go too hard too fast (literally) and be comfortable with asking for a decrease in the intensity.

5. Missionary

The best way to make missionary as steamy and sexy as the first four anal positions, it to create a better angle for entry. Either have your partner lift your legs up or include the use of pillows to raise your hips off the bed. Missionary can be incredibly intimate, and great for first timers who want a slower pace and an easier position to get into.

When you’re trying anal sex for the first time, its important to go at your own pace and make sure you’re comfortable. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! So pick one of these top rated positions and enjoy you’re first time trying anal!

5 Things You Need to Know About Anal Sex

So you want to try anal sex, but you are a bit hesitant? Here are 5 things that every newbie needs to know about anal sex before they embark on the back-door adventure.


1.  It shouldn’t hurt. — Anal sex should not hurt. If you experience discomfort, the chances are good that you are not using a sufficient amount of lubrication. There are numerous types of silicone or water-based lubricants available that are long-lasting and geared specifically towards anal sex. Some lubricants also have a relaxing effect that helps loosen up the sphincter muscle.

2.  Use a condom. — It’s true, you cannot get pregnant via anal sex. However, you can contract a wide array of sexually transmitted diseases indulging in anal intercourse. Every time you have anal sex, you should use a condom.

3.  Start out slow. — Anal sex should never be rushed. It works best when both partners are relaxed. When you are nervous, your muscles naturally contract. A tight sphincter muscle makes penetration difficult and uncomfortable, so taking things slow will naturally relax the body’s muscles to create a more enjoyable experience.

4.  Try an anal sex toy. — A sex toy is a great way to see what it feels like to have something in your anus before you opt to try full-blown anal intercourse. It’s also a good way to slowly relax your anus and prepare the region for penile penetration. Many anal sex toys and beads have a small tip and gradually get larger in girth to slowly loosen the anus. Some anal toys also vibrate to further stimulate all the region’s nerve-endings and create a pleasurable anal experience.

5.  If you aren’t into it, don’t do it. — Remember, if you are not into anal sex, don’t do it. You should never feel pressured by a partner to indulge in a sex act that makes you feel uncomfortable. Sex is consensual and should always be enjoyed by everyone involved. Anal sex is not everyone’s cup of tea, so always discuss the topic with your partner before you give it a try for the first time.