Talking Dirty Is Hot, But What About Meaningful Conversation?

couple_cleanclean_Young-couple-laughing-and-holding-hands-500260046_5612x3741_previewThere isn’t much that will light my fire faster than my partner talking dirty to me. Words you may never use in everyday life, suddenly become a powerful aphrodisiac. Listening to the one who satisfies you, explain not only what they want to do with you, but describe fantasies, in detail, melts me right into the palm of my lover’s hand. This is obvious! But, have you ever thought of deep or intellectual conversation as a turn on? Could it possibly have the same effect on your body?

Let’s think about that for a moment. Let it sink in. At first thought, it doesn’t seem possible. Why would a conversation, one appropriate to have with anyone, turn you on?

couple_cleancute_hug_bigstock-smiling-african-american-coupl-49167479_previewWhile I am all up for kinky discussions, I know that deep conversation is sexy, when it is with the right person. Picture yourself with your lover (or potential), sitting in a dark booth sipping wine, or laying on a blanket staring up at the stars. You discuss everything from your deepest secrets, to whether or not ghosts are real. There is something vulnerable about baring your soul to another person. It creates a connection that is on another level from dirty talk. When you feel this sort of closeness to your partner, there is no denying they become even more attractive to you.

couple_Man-is-opening-champagne-at-the-picnic-in-the-park-697393774_6720x4480_previewSo, before you know it, the intimacy that you have shared begins to stir up feelings inside of you. It may not have been as fast, but is every bit as strong. Meaningful conversation has the potential to lead to some of your most exciting sexual experiences. Think of it like slow cooking. Take the time to soak, and simmer for a while, before you begin to boil.

And who says that once your engine is revved, you can’t begin to talk sex? Explore and enjoy every aspect of conversation with your lover. The payoff will be worth it!

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9 Totally Hot Sex Games You Need to Try

Sex is, generally, pretty awesome as it is. But sometimes there comes a time when the tried and true doesn’t quite cut it. So whether you’re looking for a way to get your partner (or partners) in the mood, to spice up the foreplay, or take “game night” to a whole new level, these are the 9 totally hot sex games you need to try.

1. Drink Or Dare Game 

A fun twist on the classic Truth or Dare, where the dice determine your fate: one die gives you your drink assignment, while the other two combine to create the dare. Great for adventurous parties!

2. Bondage Seductions Game

With 36 different seduction cards, this game offers a great way to safely venture and explore the world of bondage, dominance, and submission play. Choose whether you wish to play as a game or select one card to experience a new adventure!

3. Tempt And Tease Game 

A great game for couples to add some spice into the bedroom (or the kitchen, or the living room, or whatever other location it may be). Includes 54 Tempt and Tease cards and 60 reward cards.

4. Pillow Talk

If your love life is not quite where it used to be, reignite your passion in bed with this fun game for two!

5. Dirty Dice “The Original” Adult Dice Game

Roll the dice to determine some fun combinations for foreplay! Just don’t lose them in the sheets when they’ve fulfilled their purpose.

6. Strip Poker

This is not a game for the casinos, although you can certainly enjoy it in your Vegas hotel room. It comes with a deck of strip poker cards and a deck of clothing cards, for extra excitement.

7. Fetish-Play Dice Game

Throw the dice to play out your fantasies. Take turns to tickle, whip, tie-up, or do other fun things to one another in this simple, but exciting game.

8. Sex! A Romantic Card Game

This game offers something new every time you play. With over 100,000 ways to win, you and your partner won’t run out of options – or out of the bedroom – any time soon.

9. Sex Scratch Tickets

No luck with the traditional scratch tickets you buy at the store? You’ll definitely get lucky with these! Makes a great stocking stuffer, or just give these to your partner when you’re in the mood for a fun night of passion.


No “special” drawer or box is complete without at least one fun, sexy game that can add in some excitement and surprise to your sex life.

Real sex habits of happy couples — keeping the heat in your relationship

A fulfilling sex life is one of the cornerstones of a strong relationship. It fosters feelings of affection which help solidify the love and trust that two people share. The very act of sex is undeniably intimate and it is that very intimacy that makes it so special. Sex creates a bond between two people that genuinely fosters feelings of happiness and overall satisfaction.

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