Better, Stronger, Faster: The Art of the Male Orgasm

Hey Guys, lets talk about how to make your orgasms better

When we talk about orgasms, it’s usually from the female perspective. We want to know how to make her toes curl, or how to give her a second (or third, or fourth) orgasm. But what about the male orgasm? It’s often taken as a given; in the immortal words of Dante from the film Clerks, “Insert somewhere close, preferably moist. Thrust. Repeat.” In order to have a truly explosive climax, though, you’re going to have to put in a little more work than that. Here are our favorite tips for getting the most out of your orgasm.



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Natural ways for men to increase sexual stamina

Ways for men to increase sexual stamina

Some men experience early ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or don’t feel physically fit for the kind of sex that they desire. Figuring out which category applies to you is the first step to solving this issues naturally. The good news is that in most cases there are a variety of treatment options that don’t limit patients to just prescription medications. Here are a few natural ways to improve your stamina and performance in bed.



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Check out our new Video Ask a #LoveExpert: Zero Tolerance

One of the biggest bonuses about working for a company like Romantix is that we get a great deal of firsthand knowledge about all of our products. We get a lot of questions from customers about what to buy for a gift and what toy or lube is best for a particular type of play. We spend a lot of time reading, asking questions and educating ourselves so we are able to help each and every customer get the best possible product for their needs.


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