How To Choose The Right Toy For Him

Choosing the right toy for him

You may be aware of the many options of sex toys available to women. They’ve gotten so popular, you can probably name a few types off the top of your head. Did you know that there are lots of choices for men too? Today, there’s a toy for just about any desire a man could want to fulfill or explore in the bedroom. Men may want to increase their level of confidence during sex or discover new ways to please a partner. Men may also want to use toys to enhance masturbation. There’s no reason men should feel ashamed or weird about using sex toys. They should gain just as much mental and physical pleasure from toys as women do. When choosing a sex toy for him, consider what sexual desires or goals he’ll want to achieve.


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Toys For Men: Four Toys for Beginners

Choosing the right toy for him

Let’s face it, guys can be difficult to shop for. It can be even harder when it comes to getting them toys for the bedroom. The first step to picking out the right toy for any guy is to first ask them what they are comfortable with. Some men will be leery and closed off to the idea of using a toy, others will be far more open, figuratively and possibly literally. Today we will be going over four toys that are perfect for beginners that can open up a world of possibilities.


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Hooking Up – Safety Before Sexy

Tips for a safe hookup

Gay men practically invented the “hookup culture”. Being forced to sneak about in dark parks, alleys, public bathrooms just to get their freak on… how could that not evolve from a “something we have to do” into a “something we want to do”. Decades ago, the anonymous hookup was a necessity, and a dangerous one at that. Dark figures in dark spaces meant no chance to exchange sexual history, an abundance of unsafe spaces, and no good way to make sure there was protection.



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Dong vs. Dildo: Which one should you get?

How to choose a dong

Dildos, dongs, wands, and vibrators. It can be difficult to navigate the strange world of sex toys, especially given the stigma surrounding the business. Here is a quick guide for anyone in the market for a new bedroom friend and a list of the best Romantix products to match your personal preferences.

Dong vs. Dildo 

Most people have heard the word ‘dildo’ used when describing their toys, but did you know there are many different types of toys with different names depending on their structure? A dong is a phallic shaped toy that generally does not have a suctioned base or a set of testicles. A dildo, on the other hand, usually has a base, often with a suction cup for easy mounting.


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