Hand Job Help! A How-to Guide to Getting Him Off

Tips for giving the best handjob one-time

The ability to give a good handjob is an important, often overlooked, skill when it comes to satisfying your partner. It seems that many times handjobs are passed over for oral stimulation or straight-to-the-point penetration. However, handjobs can provide a sense of intimacy and make for a slow building orgasm that is often times unable to achieve with other forms of stimulation.


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3 Bondage Books That Will Hold Your Attention

Three great bondage books to add to your collection

Are you a fan of tying people up or being tied up? Then run, don’t walk, to get your hands on these bondage books to that will teach and inspire you.

1. The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage

Japanese rope art, also known as Shibari to folks in the west, is an intricate type of rope bondage with an emphasis on symmetry (western-style rope bondage incorporates more asymmetrical designs). Midori, a bondage educator who is respected for her experience, published this book in 2001. It’s rated highly by bondage enthusiasts for its instructions and photos of bondage techniques.

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