Yes, everyone can benefit from lube, even lesbians!

Pride month is one of our busiest seasons. That’s why you see our Romantix booths at pride parades and events from coast to coast. We love to tell people about our products, and most of them are very well received. One thing we’ve noticed, however, is the large number of lesbians who tell us they don’t “need” lube products.

Actually, “need” has very little to do with it. Romantix lubes aren’t just for straight women who require a bit more slipperiness. Yes, everyone can benefit from lube –even lesbians.

Ladies, please don’t diss the lube. Lube is our friend! Try just one of our luscious lubes, and you’re sure to be convinced. Don’t think so? Read on.

H2O Strawberry Kiss is a favorite of women and their lovers. Just a drop or three of this fragrant, fruit-flavored lube can spark plenty of passion. It’s water based, but it feels as slick as any silicone lube. Safe to use with toys, too.

I-D Millennium lube is one of the slipperiest lubes around, and it’s 100% safe to use with vibrators, dildos and other pleasure accessories. Looking for a lube you can use in a hot tub? This is it.

JO Hybrid lube combines the best qualities of water base with the slipperiest features of silicone based lubricant. Hybrid stays nice and slick for as long as you want it to.

Wicked Toy Love gel is designed specifically for erotic toys. The super thick consistency of this aloe-enriched lubricating gel may actually increase the vibrations of your favorite adult plaything.

If you are a lesbian, and you’re still not convinced that Romantix love lubes are for you, please give one a try. We’ve been in the erotic accouterments biz for more than twenty years, and we’re all about keeping our customers satisfied.

Lubricant: Fun, Sexy, and Painfree Enjoyment

Lubricant <>  is an important part of your sexual routine. Whether you use lubricant to help ease with your sexual endeavors, or you use it to simply add some “flavor” to your sex life, it’s important to know all your options.

Nowadays, you have a lot of lubricant options, so you should understand the fundamental differences between these options to help you pick the one to best suit your needs.

*     Water-based lubricants <>  are an all-purpose lube. You can use it for sex, sex toys, as well as latex contraceptives like condoms and diaphragms. A water-based lubricant is easy to clean up, and usually non-irritating. You can also find water based flavored lubricants, which can be a yummy way to spice up your sex life.

*     Silicone-based lubricants <>  last longer than their water-based counterparts. Of course, this type of lube isn’t ideal to use with silicone sex toys, because silicone on silicone can cause a reaction. You should also make sure that you or your partner don’t have a silicone sensitivity, because the last thing you want is to try making your sex feel better – only to make it feeling worse. But you can use a silicone lube with latex condoms, which is always useful.

*     Hybrid lubricants (like the Optimale Hybrid Lubricant) <>  offer you the best of both worlds. With a combination of silicone and water, you will get the long lasting and velvety smooth feel that you desire. Whether you want to use this lubricant with a partner or by yourself, you will thoroughly enjoy the experience.

No matter what kind of lubricant you are looking for, feel free to experiment. Whether you are looking for a certain texture, feel, smell, or even flavor, browse our wide selection. So when you are ready to take your sexual experience to the next level, look no further than Romantix.