What’s Hybrid Lube and Why do You Need It?

Why hybrid lube


We all try our best to be educated consumers, and bedroom products are no exception. When shopping for your next bottle of lube, it’s important to look for something that will not only feel silky smooth and amazing, but also keep you safe. Many lubricant types are linked with increased risk of UTIs, and some are known for degrading condoms.

Let’s discuss the different types of personal lubricants available, and how the hybrid lube outdoes them all.

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How We Love Lube: Our Top 5 Reasons to Use Lube!


Some people are hesitant to try lube because they think they shouldn’t need it. But even people who don’t need to use lube find that it helps them have more pleasurable and longer sex. Plus, there are unexpected health benefits to using lube.

1. It Makes Everything Feel Better

Fingers? Toys? Penises? Anything you can penetrate yourself with usually feels better with a dollop of lube. Insertion is easier. Plus, you can last longer, so you needn’t worry about things becoming uncomfortable if it takes you longer to orgasm!

Lube isn’t just good for the receiving partner, either. Penetrating partners can also experience more pleasure when you add a little lube to the equation.

2. It Prevents Infection

Even if you don’t feel like you need lube, not using it might lead to tiny tears and cuts. These micro-tears can become a breeding ground for a bacterial infection. What’s more, they can make it easier to contract an STI (the person on the receiving end is always at more risk).

To get more out of your lube, look for one that has an osmolality (the measurement of dissolved particles in the solution) rating on the package. For vaginal or anal use, look for a lube with an osmolality in the range of 200 and 380 mOSM/kg. Two lubes that fall into that range are Yes lube and Aloe Cadabra.

3. Your Butt Doesn’t Self Lubricate

Anal stimulation feels good for everyone regardless of gender, but no one’s butt creates lubrication like a vagina. Enter lube! It can turn something from painful or uncomfortable to pleasurable, and the reassurance allows you to relax, which only helps with penetration.

Note that you can buy anal lubes that numb or desensitize, but you actually want to feel your body’s feedback, so we don’t recommend them.

4. They Can Add Sensations

Warming? Cooling? Tingling? Arousal-enhancing? His and hers? Flavored? These are just a few lube options available. Think of sensation lube like you might condoms that have different textures. Sure, they serve a practical purpose, but they can also be just plain fun!

Psst, a silicone-based lube can also be used as a massage product. Try it out!

5. They Can Help You Get Pregnant

Most personal lube actually has a spermicidal effect, which is important to know if you’re trying to conceive. But specifically designed TTC lubes are friendlier to sperm and help you and your partner become pregnant.

Now that you know why we love lube, we hope you consider adding some to your play time! Looking for lube suggestions? Contact us and we can help!

Tell me, Do you like it HOT?

Toys that heat up, warm up and get you hot.

Light the candles, turn on your “go to” tunes for an outstanding night of sensual touch and tension release. When it is time to draw back the covers, and whether you are going it alone, or with a partner try out these heated lubricants and toys to increase your sexual sensations and pleasures tonight.

JO Warming Silicone Lubricant 2.5 oz.

When your favorite toy is silicone and you want to keep it in great shape it is best to use a silicone lubricant with it. JO warming silicone lubricant is not only perfect for use with your favorite toy but it warms up to the touch. Try a little bit at a time with a toy or alone to accentuate touch and movement.

System Jo Warming Lube

JO Sensual Massage Warming 4.5 oz.

Whether you are playing alone or you are playing with a partner this massage oil is a great addition to your night stand stash. This oil heats up as you move with it, so you can massage it into sore muscles to release tension and then move to more sensitive parts for a stronger release. Use it on him to heat up his shaft for a hot sensation, or on her to heat up her clit, or prepare for other exploration.

Warm-N-Glow Vibe – Pink

This vibrator warms as well as vibrates giving you intensity on two different levels. The flexible head begins at a standard speed, and can be raised to a higher more intense pace. The vibe can then heat up setting off more of your senses and creating warming sensation that you will tell your friends about.

Summer Lovin Warming Vibrator – Pink

Summer Lovin Warming Vibe

Starting out with eight different speeds and a shaft covered with soft silicone tufts this vibrator offers up pleasure on a special level. Like other vibrators it runs you through the speeds, exhausting your body’s sensations. However with the added bonus of a heated shaft this vibrator takes it up a level to give you a more realistic pleasure and heighten your experience and orgasm.

Jo for Her Warm and Buzzy Clitoral Stimulant – .35 Fl. Oz. / 10 ml

Just a dab on the clit and this warm and buzzy stimulant will have her rising up off the bed in excitement. A little big goes a long way and will not only warm her up but it will stimulate her sensitive parts awakening a pleasure that is hard to ignore. If you are using this with a partner or on your own it will be a must have addition to your night stand drawer.

Whisper Micro Heater Bullet – Purple

This is an extra powerful bullet that runs quietly under the covers. Sit back and select one of the two vibration modes by simply pressing on the conveniently located button. This may be small but it packs a warm punch and will excite your insides. You or your partner can use this on the clit for an external orgasm. Add a heating lube and you’re going to have a hot and exciting night.

Warming Wand

The Amazing Warming Wand

The warming wand heats up your pleasure sleeve and gives you a more realistic experience when masturbating with sleeve type toys. It only takes about ten minutes to heat up your toy, and that gives you time to lean back, get comfortable, and start sinking into your rhythm. Once your toy is heated up you can slide in with a standard lube, or a warming one to increase the sensation you crave.

Remember when you play with new toys or lubes to test them out first and make sure that they are compatible with your toys as well as your body. Try a little bit of lube out on a small sensitive part first and pay attention to your body. When using heated toys, try it first on the inside of your wrist to gauge the heat and how hot you want it.

Have Better Anal Sex Tonight: These are the Best Anal Lubes Out There!

These are the Best Anal Lubes!

Although you might be able to get away without using lube for vaginal penetration, it’s a no-no not to use lube anally. Why? The anus doesn’t naturally lubricate like the vagina does. Not using lube not only ensures that anal sex is less pleasurable than it can be, but it can lead to painful damage to your body.

Fortunately, there are plenty of personal lubricants available, so many, in fact, that you might have a difficult time choosing the right one for you. Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered!

There are generally two schools of thought when it comes to anal lubes. You go for a thicker water-based gel that’s nice and cushy for your tushy or you choose a super-slick silicone option to make sure your partner’s penis or your favorite toy glides right in. However, water-based lubes can become sticky as they dry, and they’re not ideal for shower sex because they’re water-soluble. And silicone lubes can interact with toys made of silicone. Depending in your needs, you might want to try one of the following anal lubes.

Pjur Back Door Glide

Pjur is a brand known for its silicone-based lube. If you prefer something thinner but longer-lasting for anal sex, then Back Door Glide is right up your alley. It contains Jojoba to soften your skin and ease penetration. The lube will last until you wash it off, but you may want to take care not stain sheets by putting down a towel.pjurlube

Pjur Back Door Comfort Water Anal Glide

Not everyone likes silicone. For those users, there is Pjur’s water-based Anal Glide. This personal lubricant is safe for use with all your toys. One of the ingredients is hyaliuronan, which helps the lubricant to remain slick and not sticky as it dries. An added benefit of this ingredient is the ability to help cells repairs themselves!

Wicked Jelle Water-Based Anal Lubricant

Thin anal lubricants can drip and become messy. That’s not the case with Wicked Jelle, a water-based anal lube that’s designed to stay exactly where you put it, making cleanup a breeze. It will also cushion your anus during sex. The texture is similar to silicone lubricant.

System Jo Hybrid

System Jo brings the best of both worlds with this hybrid lubricant. It combines coconut oil, which is an ideal anal lube, with water-based lube. The result? A creamy anal lube that will make all your anal play Heavenly while moisturizing your skin. Use it with toys


because there’s no silicone, but opt for another anal lube from this list if you’re using condoms.

Swiss Navy Anal Lube

The final anal lube on this list is a premium lube from Swiss Navy. If you’re hesitant to try anal sex

, try this. Clove provides a mild numbing sensation, which can ease pain during penetration. It’s also a slick lubricant with a silicone base that won’t absorb into your skin.

While these are the best anal lubes, you’ll find personal lube for every activity at Romantix.

Yes, everyone can benefit from lube, even lesbians!

Pride month is one of our busiest seasons. That’s why you see our Romantix booths at pride parades and events from coast to coast. We love to tell people about our products, and most of them are very well received. One thing we’ve noticed, however, is the large number of lesbians who tell us they don’t “need” lube products.

Actually, “need” has very little to do with it. Romantix lubes aren’t just for straight women who require a bit more slipperiness. Yes, everyone can benefit from lube –even lesbians.

Ladies, please don’t diss the lube. Lube is our friend! Try just one of our luscious lubes, and you’re sure to be convinced. Don’t think so? Read on.

H2O Strawberry Kiss is a favorite of women and their lovers. Just a drop or three of this fragrant, fruit-flavored lube can spark plenty of passion. It’s water based, but it feels as slick as any silicone lube. Safe to use with toys, too.

I-D Millennium lube is one of the slipperiest lubes around, and it’s 100% safe to use with vibrators, dildos and other pleasure accessories. Looking for a lube you can use in a hot tub? This is it.

JO Hybrid lube combines the best qualities of water base with the slipperiest features of silicone based lubricant. Hybrid stays nice and slick for as long as you want it to.

Wicked Toy Love gel is designed specifically for erotic toys. The super thick consistency of this aloe-enriched lubricating gel may actually increase the vibrations of your favorite adult plaything.

If you are a lesbian, and you’re still not convinced that Romantix love lubes are for you, please give one a try. We’ve been in the erotic accouterments biz for more than twenty years, and we’re all about keeping our customers satisfied.