Your Urgent Top 5 Questions about the Benefits of Prostate Massage Answered


1. What is a prostate? 

The prostate is a gland in men that rests under the bladder. Its main duties entail producing one of the fluids in semen and pushing ejaculation forth. It is similar in size to a golf ball.



2. I know what a prostate massage is; it’s like a rectal exam. Why would I want to voluntarily undergo that experience, if it’s not my cup of tea? What are the benefits?

Doctors and medical professionals have long noted that, ahem, getting the pipes and plumbing adjusted has health benefits. A prostate massage is a lesser known treatment for certain medical conditions like erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, and clogged urine tubing. Prostate massage cuts down the inflammation that impacts prostatitis and unblocks the tubes needed for urine passage. Especially when one has tried all the typical therapy routes, prostate massage provides another alternative.

3. Is the massage itself painful? 

The actual procedure involves the gentle massage of the rectum with a moistened, gloved finger. Patients generally have several sessions over a period of months. Some patients report discomfort, whereas others voluntarily practice prostate massage for orgasmic purposes. Some circles refer to the prostate as the male “G-spot.” It’s rumored that prostate stimulation triggers stronger orgasms in those that practice it.


4. So… it feels pleasant? You’ve got my attention, now. 

When done properly, prostate massage is an active part of many people’s sex lives. Stimulation with a finger induces an orgasm in some, while others can use a variety of toys. Prostate massage gives many the opportunity for experimenting with their bodies.

5. How do I sign up?

While you can always schedule a medical appointment with a provider, prostate massages at home require some prep. You need lubrication for protection from tearing and gentle entry. For more experienced masseurs, we offer a variety of prostate massagers. 


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Health: Prostate stimulation for health as well as pleasure!

Health: Prostate stimulation

Want to experience incredible orgasms while maintaining the health of your prostate? You may be surprised to find that a regular prostate massage not only feels incredible satisfying, but is also accompanied by some significant health benefits! Not sure what a prostate massage actually is, or whether it’s something you’d be interested in trying? We’ve provided a closer look at the prostate massage, and how it delivers pleasure in addition to a healthier prostate!


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Do Your SEXercises — Putting the Squeeze in Sex with Kegels

In today’s health conscious society, everyone is working hard to keep their bodies in shape. They regularly hit the gym, jog, bike and swim in an effort to stay fit, but there is one daily physical workout that they might be overlooking — the Kegel.

The Kegel exercise is often called a SEXercise. It is the internal, controlled contraction of your pelvic muscles. Very few people realize that when you orgasm, that fabulous sensation is caused from not only the hypersensitive nerve endings of your genitals but also the powerful contractions of your pelvic muscles. The better shape your muscles are in, the stronger they contract and the more intense orgasms you will experience.

Strengthening your pelvic muscles also offers additional health and physical benefits besides just extra strong orgasms.

Urinary Incontinence

Your pelvic muscles stop and control the flow of your urine. Having strong pelvic muscles helps you avoid urinary incontinence as you age or after you have a baby. Some women inadvertently leak urine when they laugh or sneeze, this is especially true after childbirth when the pelvic muscles have suffered damage and stretching. Doing daily Kegels restores strength to the pelvic muscles and stop the accidental leakage of urine.

Prostate Health

Physicians recommend that men regularly do Kegels after prostate surgery to restore strength to damaged pelvic muscles. Kegels are also believed to benefit the prostate and may prevent cancer.

Improved Male Performance

Pelvic muscle strength helps a man maintain an erection and strengthens his overall ejaculation. He will have more control over his semen and also be able to keep an erection for longer lengths of time which means more stamina in the bedroom.

Improve Female Performance

Stonger pelvic muscles creates more contractions during an orgasm for a woman. She might even become multi-orgasmic. Kegel exercises make the G-spot easier to find and more sensitive to touch and stimulation. A woman can also do her Kegels while the man’s penis is inside of her to create mind-blowing sensations for her lover.

You can do Kegels at any time of the day by simply flexing and releasing your pelvic muscles. No one will even know you are doing them. There are also several devices you can purchase that will help you with your Kegels.

Climax Kegels Ben Wa Balls With Silicone Strap

Climax Kegels Ben Wa Balls consist of two hand blown glass balls attached to a silicone strap. They can be easily inserted into the vagina while doing Kegels.

Crazy Girl Wanna Be Excited 24k Gold Plated Pleasure Balls

These 24k plated, specially weighted pleasure balls slide easily into the vagina and are ideal for a Kegel workout.

Dr. Laura Berman Intimate Basics – Vaginal Stimulator – Fiji

The Fiji has been specially designed to be used during Kegels and as a G-spot stimulator.

Kegels should become one of your most important daily workouts to maintain your sex life and overall physical health.