Are You Unhappy in Your Relationship? A Few Ways to Get Out of a Relationship Rut Are Below

Unhappy in your relationship? a few ways to get out of a relationship rut

Unhappy in your relationship? A few ways to get out of a relationship rut include travel, spontaneity, and spending time apart. Every relationship goes through ups, downs, and lulls, so there’s no need to panic. Read more about each of these tactics to revitalize your love below.


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Men, This Is Why (And How!) You Should Be Grooming

Men, how and why you should groom

In our society, grooming the private area is widely seen as a “feminine” thing to do. So much, in fact, that many men feel it’s actually wrong to groom their privates – as if it will make them less of a man. Women are almost always portrayed as clean-shaven in the media. It’s a popular idea that women who keep their privates well-groomed are more desirable. A lot of men expect their female partners to do this. And yet, the guys seem to be left out of this conversation. Does this mean the male population just shouldn’t groom? Definitely not. There are plenty of benefits to grooming – both for males and females, but we’re going to focus on the men today. If you’ve never considered grooming, or maybe you don’t know how to, keep reading! We’ll go over the various reasons why you should start, and how you should be doing it.



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I want to try something new. How to bring it up to your partner.

I want to try something new

Talking about sex is never easy. Whether you want to try something new, need something to change or have found yourself faking orgasms with your partner, bringing up the subject is so hard that some people never do. Unfortunately, that can leave you in the position of having uncomfortable sex, feeling sexually frustrating or even feeling as though you’ve been taken advantage of. At Romantix, we think everyone deserves to have enjoyable sex and being able to realize your true sexual self. Talking about sex is a must to achieve that.


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Four tips for taking the sexiest nude selfies

Tips for taking nude selfies

It’s fun sending one’s partner sexy photos either to entice them for a visit later, or just to give them a pleasurable surprise; however, taking a sensuous, nude selfie isn’t the same as taking a simple headshot, or snap of a particular body part. Arms can only stretch so far, and it’s not so easy getting the right angles or full body images when taking your own images with a phone. For those who want to take stellar nudie pics without setting up a camera on a tripod, imposing on a friend, or hiring a professional, these tips should assist you in getting some gorgeous nudes all on your own!


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