Sex for Those with More to Love: Positions for More Pleasure

Sex between an overweight couple can sometimes be difficult. If you, your partner, or both of you are on the heavier side, traditional positions such as missionary can leave you both feeling unsatisfied due to the inability to engage properly. Thankfully there are plenty of positions that people with a little more to love can use to have passionate and satisfying sex. Try one, try them all, and find a new favorite for you and your lover tonight! 🙂

1. On the Lap

This position is perfect if it’s just your man who is overweight, but it will also work if both of you are. Have him sit on an armless chair or on the edge of your bed near the headboard then climb on top, facing him. You can ride up and down while holding on to the back of the chair or headboard for support, or, if your legs and arms tire you can just grind on him back and forth. This will also stimulate your clitoris, making for an explosive orgasm. If facing him proves to be too difficult because of bigger bellies, turn around with your back to him. He can kiss and caress your back while you ride him for even more intimacy and feel-good sensations.

2. Doggie Style

This position, although traditional, is great for those who are overweight. Your vagina will be up higher, making it easier for your man to slide in. It also leaves his or your hands free for clitoral stimulation. You can get creative with this position, too, trying it different ways. If the on-all-fours isn’t your favorite, try it standing up with your hands against a wall, or have your guy bend you over the back of a couch. You get more support and he can thrust harder, which is a win-win.

3. Leg Glider likes to call this position “The Ultimate Move,” and it truly is. It’s ultra-pleasurable for both partners and eliminates many of the problems that overweight people experience when having sex. (Bellies smushing together, or difficulty entering due to the gal’s position). Lay on your side in a relaxed fetal position (on your side, knees bent) and have your man kneel behind you like he would in doggie style. Prop your hips up with a few pillows to make entering you easier, and have at it. You can heighten your pleasure by resting your top leg on his shoulder (kind of hooking his head into the back of your knee).

4. Countertop Coitus

This position puts you at the perfect height for your man to slide in and out, without having to worry about either of you supporting each other’s weight. Sit on a counter or tall bar-style chair and he can thrust away. You can also stimulate your clit (which he’ll get a great view of) or play with his hair to send shivers down his spine.

Whether you’ve got a little or a lot more to love, give these positions a try and bring the heat back to the bedroom.

Are you trying anal sex for the first time tonight? Check out these top-rated positions!

Are you trying anal sex for the first time tonight? Check out these top-rated positions!
Trying Anal tonight? Here are the top rated positions!

So, you’re trying anal tonight and you aren’t exactly sure what to do. You know what goes where, but what are the differences in positions and which ones are the best to try? Well here are the top rated positions (with explanations!) for anal!

1. Cowgirl

Women know that the best part about cowgirl is that you have more control of how the sex is going down. Well, the same applies for anal! Straddle your partner the way you would during vaginal intercourse and go for it. This position is less difficult to try, and great for someone who is new to anal sex.

2. Spooning

Spooning is not just for cuddling anymore. This position is not too difficult and is perfect for a slower, more intimate experience with anal. As opposed to the cowgirl position, spooning anal sex allows for rear-entry which, depending on your preferences, can be easier and more enjoyable.

3. Sidewinder

This position is slightly more complicated to get situated into than the previous two. First, you first lay down on your back with both of your legs out. Your partner will straddle one of your legs, while lifting your other leg over their shoulder. You will end up partially laying on your side, with your hips perpendicular to your partner’s hips. Once you’re comfortable, let your partner take a hold of you and do their thing!

4. Doggystyle

Most people automatically think of doggystyle when they think of anal sex, and its often the position that someone tries for the first time for anal. However, for your first time, it’s important that you’re communicative with your partner because unlike a position like cowgirl, doggystyle gives the majority of the control to them. This is another rear-entry position and that allows them to set the pace. Make sure you don’t go too hard too fast (literally) and be comfortable with asking for a decrease in the intensity.

5. Missionary

The best way to make missionary as steamy and sexy as the first four anal positions, it to create a better angle for entry. Either have your partner lift your legs up or include the use of pillows to raise your hips off the bed. Missionary can be incredibly intimate, and great for first timers who want a slower pace and an easier position to get into.

When you’re trying anal sex for the first time, its important to go at your own pace and make sure you’re comfortable. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! So pick one of these top rated positions and enjoy you’re first time trying anal!