Why it’s not the size that matters: Sex tips for the small penis

Sex tips for the small penis

There is a poor stigma associated with those possessing a less than giant penis size. Shows depict girlfriends asking one another how big their boyfriend’s tool is, or show men casually attempting to check out the penis of the man next to him at the urinal. There was an entire Sex and the City episode devoted to one main character’s struggle over the man she loves having too small a penis for her liking. Let’s face it, some people believe size matters most; however, this truly isn’t the case. Men can pleasure women regardless of their penis size. When it comes to great sex, or even generating an orgasm, size doesn’t matter.


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Ladies…News Flash! It’s Okay for Your Pussy to Smell Like Pussy

Ladies- It’s okay for your pussy to smell like pussy

There’s a crazy notion that pussy isn’t actually supposed to smell like pussy. However, this begs the question: what is it supposed to smell like? The reality is that it’s a one-of-a-kind smell (and taste), which means that it should smell like a pussy.


Don’t Scent It

Ladies, you don’t need to try to scent your nether regions with perfume, body spray, or anything else. You certainly don’t want to douche as this will ruin all of your natural scents (and cause an array of other problems, most likely).

As long as you wash on a regular basis, be comfortable with what’s down there.

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