Health: Prostate stimulation for health as well as pleasure!

Health: Prostate stimulation

Want to experience incredible orgasms while maintaining the health of your prostate? You may be surprised to find that a regular prostate massage not only feels incredible satisfying, but is also accompanied by some significant health benefits! Not sure what a prostate massage actually is, or whether it’s something you’d be interested in trying? We’ve provided a closer look at the prostate massage, and how it delivers pleasure in addition to a healthier prostate!


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Must Read: Important information about STI

Important information about STI

Think you know everything about STIs? Keep reading to test your knowledge.

You can get an STI even if you don’t have sex.

Although the exchange of bodily fluids through sex is a surefire way to get — or give — most STIs, it’s not the only way. Herpes can spread from mouth to genitals (or back) via oral sex while viruses such as HPV can spread through skin-to-skin contact. In fact, using a condom may not be enough to prevent the spread of HPV.

Condoms do prevent transmission of many STIs, however, and you can find them for sale on our site.


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