Wait a second…is that for your BUM?? Here Are Our 10 Craziest Anal Toys!

Is that….. for your BUM?!?!?!

Watch out! This article will either scare your pants off (not always a bad thing, in our humble opinion) or totally turn you on! These are our 10 craziest anal toys and yes, people actually use and love them. If you want to try out one of these products yourself, remember to use lots of lube and lots of patience. Shop more of our products at Romantix.com or at a store near you!

1. Round Butt Plug (Medium)

This is basically one extra-large anal bead. The smooth rounded body made of soft semi-flexible PVC ensures that you’ll have a great time using it and will be comfortable throughout.roundbuttplug

2. The Victoria Triple Play

When we say “triple play” we are not joking. This massager is designed for vaginal, clitoral, and anal stimulation! The head is made of specially textured soft silicone and has a sensitive yet powerful motor made to stimulate and penetrate.

3. FF Plug 2 Fist Shape Buttplug (Medium)

With this butt plug, you will never need a human fist again! This is a realistic, fist-shaped butt plug made of pure platinum grade silicone. This means that the firmness will make you swear you have a real fist stuffed inside you, but will be soft and smooth against your skin. If you’re an anal novice, check out FF Plug 1. Best use with lube!

4. Pig Tail Butt Plug

Without a doubt, this will be the sexiest pig tail you’ve ever seen. This tail is made of nice and firm rubber to ensure it will stay put, but will be easy to clean. Oink, oink!pigtailbuttplug

5. Rosebud 1 Spec-u-Plug

Need a little something extra for your next butt plug? Well, how about one that “blooms” once it’s planted up your butt? This pure silicone plug is designed to open (and stay open) once inside you to give you a stretch you won’t soon forget!

6. Anal Fantasy Collection Vibrating Thruster 

This thruster is designer for easy insertion with its tapered tip, yet its motor will give you seven different mind-blowing vibration patterns, and three different thrusting speeds. Not to mention the suction cup base for a date with the wall or surface of your choice!

7. Pig-hole Deep-1 Fuckable Buttplug

Similar to our Pig-Hole, just deeper and wider! The shape of this plug will make you swear you had it custom-made, and its pure silicone is strong enough to hold up against your butt but soft enough to keep fucking.

8. TitanMen Anal Stretcher 6 Inch Plug

Still with us? Then check out the TitanMen Anal Stretcher for as-far-as-you-can-go fun! The 6 inch cone shape makes for easy entry, but allows anal players from novice to advanced level to enjoy what they can take. The ribbed texture takes this over the top!

9. Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Pleasure Probe

Need to shock your sex life? Well this three-inch torpedo shaped probe delivers shocks ranging in intensity from sensuous tingle to a throbbing tap, with the added option of slow or fast shock frequencies. The tapered design makes this probe ideal for either anal or vaginal play.

10. American Bombshell – Blast Balls – Cherry Bomb

Congratulations for making it to the end of this list! If you’re not already turned on then this extra-large anal beads set will catch your attention! Meant for experience anal players, these beads have three grenade-shaped bumps along the shaft. The grooved fetishbuttplugtexture increases stimulation, while the handle base and firm-yet-flexible design allows for control. This has a whopping 16 inches of insertable length and a girth of 7 inches!

Whether you’re an anal virgin or you’re stuffed on a regular basis, we hope that you’re turned on by our products! Check out all these and more at Romantix.com!

Want to Spice Up Your Anal Sex? Check Out Our Top 8 Anal Products!

Our TOP 8 Anal Products!

This is a compilation of our best-selling, best feedback, and most loved anal products all in one sexy, little list! Shop with us at Romantix.com or at a store near you!

1. Her Anal Kit

Her Anal Kit

This kit includes all the anal toys that a beginner needs! Includes the Silicone Rocker Probe, the Silicone Anal Beads, and the Silicone Glider Probe.

2. Booty Call Beads

Beads are a great addition to anal sex, the best way to put them to use is to slowly remove them while the wearer is climaxing to increase the intensity! These non-vibrating silicone beads are great for beginners; they are very comfortable and not too long, and have an easy pull handle.

3. Rio Anal Vibe

This vibrating butt plug is made of super silky silicone with ten different vibrating patterns available! It has a rounded tip and a tapered body that makes it easy for insertion.

Rio Anal Vibe

4. Icicles No 66

These glass beads are great for either anal or vaginal play! Since they are larger, they provide an excellent full feeling. The graduated beaded shaft allows you to more comfortably ease into it.

5. Quaker Anal Vibe Into You

These vibrating beads are made of silky smooth silicone and have 12 different vibration patterns. With a gently curved tip and a graduated shaft, this product is ideal for beginners to anal play.

6. Sensuelle- Homme Butt Plug

This advanced butt plug is made of quality silicone and comes with a one year warranty. It is a larger size and it’s vibrations are much more intense (includes 20 different functions!).

7. Perles Damour – Pleasure Beads

Icicles No 66 Glass Wand

These smooth silicone, intermediate sized beads are great for anal play with a finger ring for easy use. Since the beads are the same size all the way down, don’t forget to use lubrication and start slow!

8. B-Vibe Rimming Plug

We saved the absolute best for last! This is our top seller and not only uses rotating beads for a rimming sensation, but also has a vibrating tip! It’s made of soft seamless silicone and can be used with a wireless remote control. This product is perfect if you want to be a little extra naughty and hand over the control to your partner for a squirm-inducing, orgasmic experience!

Whether you’re first trying out anal or you want to introduce toys to your normal routine, check out all these products and more at Romantix.com!

So….When did pubes get such a bad rap?

Screen Shot 2016-07-08 at 2.50.12 PMPubic hair provides a cushion against friction, protects the urethra from bacteria, and is the visible result of long-awaited adolescent hormones. There is nothing shameful or embarrassing about sporting a full bush. So, why do so many people shave or otherwise remove it, when did pubes get such a bad rap?

There are even stories floating around the net about young men being shocked when faced with their first real-life sexual experience and discover–OH MY GOD–women have hair ‘down there.’  Porn produced in the last twenty years features bodies that are clean-shaven from neck to toe, leaving very little ‘natural growth’ other than on the top of people’s heads. Even as these same guys go through yoga-like contortions  in order to shave their own genitals, they might not consider that women are doing the same awkward maneuvers. If all they’ve seen is on the internet, then, their version of reality is likely to be a little warped.

Porn made from 1900 until the late 90’s, however, is full of bush. Shaving was considered a kinky activity. Watching someone lather up and then take a straight razor to someone’s tender and vulnerable parts is still a turn-on for lots of people.  Take a few minutes to do a search, and you’ll find “classic porn” is easily accessible and features plenty of hair. (There are plenty of brand new videos out there with plenty of bush, you just have to be clever in your searches.)

But, don’t let this somewhat recent-seeming change in pubes fool you. People have been messing with their hair forever, and it is dictated largely by whatever is popular at the time. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks left wall paintings recording their methods which varied from shaving with sharp flints, individual plucking, and burning.  Yes, you read that right. BURNING. Thank goodness for stainless steel razors, wax, and depilatories, right?

When polled, fifty percent of current college students say they keep their pubes smooth on a regular basis, especially when in a sexually active relationship. They tend to let things go a little wilder when they aren’t sexually active with another person. Most say they just ‘feel cleaner’ when their pubes are shaved.

Ask men over forty what they think of pubic hair, and you’ll get a pretty different answer. They’ll tell you they like a woman to look ‘like a woman, not a pre-pubescent’ girl. Some express relief that the current era of “bald-faced vaginas” facing them from the screen might be coming to an end.

Recent news articles suggesting that micro-abrasions caused during shaving or waxing might increase the transmission of STDs are likely to move the trend back to more natural landscaping. Post-removal itching, discomfort, and in-grown hairs are a commonly cited down-side. People will do what makes them comfortable, but, maybe, if they see that it might actually be a bad idea, they’ll toss the razors, relax, and…let their hair down.

How to keep up with Nipple stimulations: top 10 products that grip those nips


You probably already know that your nipples are highly sensitive, but did you know that stimulating your nipples can actually activate the same part of the brain as genital stimulation? Some women can even orgasm from nipple play alone! Nipple stimulation is amazing, and all women (and men!) should try it. Check out these 10 products to grip those nips

  1. Sensuva Nip Zip Ice Cube Nip Balm – Strawberry Mint: Cold + nipples = sexy nipple erection. Rub some of this balm on your nipples for a tingly cooling sensation that is instantly erotic. It’s strawberry mint flavor just begs to be licked off by your lover. Try blowing on it after application for an extra cold sensation that will send shivers of pleasure down your spine.
  2. Nipple Teeze Intesifying Sensitivity Gel: Apply some of this gel to your nipples and then have some fun massaging and caressing to stimulate them. It creates a tingly sensation that makes your nipples ultra sensitive.
  3. Fetish Fantasy Nipple Erector Set: Pump up your nipples with this awesome erector set. A pump creates suction that hardens your nipples and makes them super sensitive. A rubber ring is then slid down to keep them hard and stimulated. The pumps come in two sizes, depending on how large you want to make your nipples.
  4. Fetish Fantasy Series Cordless Vibrating Nipple Clamps: Attach these battery-powered vibrating clamps to your nipples for some erotic stimulation. They’re cordless so your hands are free to do other sexy things while the nipple clamps are buzzing away. Bring them along for some sensuous shower play because they’re waterproof too!
  5. Vibrating Heated Nipple Teasers: Turn up the heat in the bedroom with these nipple clamps that give off both heat and vibrations. The motor has two different speeds, and the clamps heat up to an incredible 104° F (40° C).
  6. Fetish Fantasy Series Shock Therapy Nipple Clamps: Bring some spark to your love life with these shocking nipple clamps. With voltage ranging from a light tingle to an exhilarating shock, these are perfect for the electro-sex beginner or anyone who loves mixing pleasure with some light pain.
  7. Adorn Triple Bead Nipple Clamp Set: These nipple clamps have three metal beads on the end that not only make nipples look irresistibly sexy, but also add some light weights for extra stimulation. They’re also fully adjustable, so you can choose how much pressure they exert — perfect for all levels of experience.
  8. Magnetic Nipple Clamps: Adorn your nipples with these sexy magnetic clamps. With a sleek design and lightweight metal, your nipples (and your lover) will thank you.
  9. Pretty Petals: These flower-shaped nipple petals not only look stunning, they also keep your nipples perky. Choose from three beautiful floral designs.
  10. Collar With Nipple Clamps: If you’re feeling submissive, try out this sexy collar with nipple clamp attachments. The collar features an easy-to-use buckle, 10.5” chains, and clamps that are coated for comfort (but not too much comfort!). And you won’t have to feel guilty about this one, because it’s made of vegan leather.

Lez Keep It Exciting – 10 Ways to Spice Up Lesbian Sex

Like a corporate job and a coffee shop with one kind of grind, sex can become boring when you are just doing the same thing over and over again. However, your sex life should be the last thing in life to get stale. Everyone wants to have an exciting sex life, and if you are getting bored, your girlfriend probably is too. Instead of letting things flounder, why not try these 10 hot tips to bring the spice back to your lesbian sex life.

Cancel your Routine

Do you have sad planned sex scheduled out every Friday night? That’s just depressing. Instead of snuggling up to your routine, make your partner wait. Of course, don’t ignore them completely. Tease them throughout the week and soon they will not be able to resist the temptation.

Have Sex for Breakfast

Have a big ol’ bowl of sex for breakfast, and reap the rewards all day long. Not only will both you and your partner get treated to an instant energy boost, but no alarm clock compares to an orgasm.

Bring a New Toy into the Mix

Toys are the bread and butter of lesbian sex, but using the same ones over and over again gets boring. With all that fancy new vibrator technology and countless weird new toy creations out there, it is always worth a look into something new for the bedroom.

Get a Manual

It is nothing to be embarrassed about, up until recently there wasn’t a lot of information on the finer points of lesbian sex. We just had to learn by doing. However, a little bit of education into how the body of you and your lover function can never hurt. Lesbian sex manuals are popping up everywhere these days and have some great tricks.

Try a New Position

There are hundreds of positions out there for lesbian couples. Why not try some? Don’t cop out after a few minutes either, mastering a new position takes time to allow your bodies to get used to it.

Have Sex Somewhere New

It doesn’t have to be in a dressing room at Macy’s or in the elevator at work, but a change of scenery can do wonders for sex. It can even be as small as moving from your bed to the couch.

Try Porn

Who cares if all those over-the-top orgasms are really fake? All that moaning in porn has a physical effect on anyone in the room without a doubt, and it can showcase some fun new ideas to implement into your own sex life.

Take Her to the Edge

Edging can produce some absolutely mind-blowing orgasms. If your partner’s pleasure is your pleasure, tie her up (with her permission, of course) and take her right up to the edge of orgasm for as long as you can. When the big moment comes, it will be like the planet is shivering.

Don’t Be Afraid

You will never find the spice and adventure in your sex life that you desire by being closed to new ideas. Embrace your partner’s inner freak; you will have a lot of fun.


As in emotional relationships, communication is key for the physical part too. What do you want? What does your partner want? You both should know.